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Our non-profit organization thrives through donations. These donations go directly into the funding of supplies, band, senior gifts, choreographer donations, ect... Any donation amount is extemely appriciated by our organization and students! We work to continue our ever growing music program and appriciate any help!


The ACMPO (Ankeny Choral Music Parent Organization) promotes the growth of Arts education by supporting the Directors and enriching the opportunities of students participating in Ankeny High School, Southview Middle School, and Parkview Middle School's Choral Music programs. This is done through high levels of fundraising, volunteering, organizing, and facilitating events and donations. Our program not only expands the knowledge of the arts but builds long-lasting relationships with our students. Due to our expanding program, we are in search of volunteers, as well as donations. Our program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations will be tax deductible, with the opportunity for employer-matching. Through these, we are able to strive for the growth of our choral music program. 



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